Big Savings!

Savings on your weekly groceries just got easier. Your PLUS Rewards online account now features more digital coupons. These coupons will save you time, money and save the trees.

To add PLUS digital coupons to your account, follow the steps below:

  • Log onto your PLUS account

  • Select the "Savings" tab (top left)
    Select Savings Tab

  • Select the "Link Account" button (middle right)
    Select Link Account button

  • If you do not have a Google account you can create on by selecting the "Sign Up" button (top right).
    • A Google account allows guests to talk, chat, share, schedule, store, organize, collaborate, discover, and create. Use Google products from Gmail to Google+ to YouTube, view search history, all with one username and password, all backed up all the time and easy to find at
      Google Account

  • Select the "Accept" button to allow your PLUS and Google account to sync.
    Select Accept button

  • PLUS Digital coupons will now show up in your account. To use the coupons select the "Save to Wallet" button on each coupon you want, pick up the item at the store and give your phone number to the cashier. Your coupons savings will be automatically deducted when the cashier pushes total.

Get started with digital coupons

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